Previous speakers at IBC

The International Bunker conference (IBC) has remained a proactive forum since its introduction in 1979 organized by the Norwegian Shipping Academy, and later The Norwegian School of Management, BI. 

From 2017 IBC has been organized as a non-profit cooperative by industry enthusiasts

IBC is committed to the tradition of having speakers with in-depth presentations of papers on issues of importance to the international bunker industry, but also introduce new and relevant topics for the audience.  

We are proud to present our speakers at IBC from 2017 until today

Speakers in 2023

Agathe Rialland
Chief Scientist 
Understanding Life Cycle Analysis and Well to Wake

Arne Lohmann Rasmussen
Chief Analyst & Head of research
Global Risk Management - GRM
Energy Market Drivers

James J. Corbett
Environmental Director
World Shipping Council
Fit For 55 package, including FUEL EU Maritime, EU ETS, EU RED and MRV

Franciska Kjellström
Global Application Manager
Alfa Laval
Onboard treatment of new fuels

Johannes Schurmann
Head of Operations & Supply
Producing and Certifying Biofuel

Robin Meech
Marine & Energy Consulting
All Crystal clear?

Steffen Kortegaard
Technical Manager
Bunker One
How is it all affecting sourcing and supply?

Capt. Samir Fernandez
Director Marine Fuel Solutions
Meeting future energy demands

Torbjørn Lie
Business Development Manager
Thome Group
Methanol conversion feasibility study

Timothy Wilson
Principal Specialist Fuels
Lloyds Register, FOBAS
Understanding Bio and Renewable fuels

Unni Einemo
Director and IMO Representative
The International Bunker Industry Association, IBIA
IMO Greenhouse gas strategy update

Gijsbert De Jong, 
Marine Chief Executive Nordics
Bureau Veritas
Conference Chairman/How to get to 2030

Rasmus Holm Bidstrup
Technical Promotion Manager
MAN Energy Solutions
Revved up and ready?

Speakers in 2022

Gijsbert De Jong, Conference Chairman
Chief Executive Nordics, 
Bureau Veritas

A new chapter for the bunker industry

Unni Einemo

An industry in transition, how is it going so far, and where will we end up?

Dr. Elizabeth Lindstad
Chief Scientist

The ocean as a solution to climate change

Erik Hjortland
Vice President Technology

A shipowner meeting future fuels

Eddie Fish
Market Development Advisor

What will a multi fuel, low carbon future look like?

Tore Longva
Sr. Principal Consultant

Well-to-Wake GHG emission standards

Sveta Ukkonen
Head of Marine Fuels & Services

Low emission marine fuels today and tomorrow

Monique Vermeire
Fuels Specialist

Specifications in a transitional environment

Charlotte Røjgaard
Global Head of Marine Fuel Services
Bureau Veritas, VeriFuel

Quality challenges in a transitional environment

Carsten Ladekjær
Glander International Bunkering

Who and how to finance the transition?

Kjeld Aabo
DIrector New Technologies
MAN Energy Solutions

Multifuel engines

Sigurd Some Jenssen
Director Exhaust Gas Cleaning

Onboard Carbon Capture

Mark Cameron
Chief Operating Officer
Ardmore Shipping

Decisions to be made in the boardroom

Speakers in 2019

James J. Corbett Conference chairman
University of Delaware

2020 is actually happening despite what some may believe

Robin Meech
Managing Director
Marine and Energy Consulting Ltd.

What are we up against?

Damien Valdenaire
Science Executive, Reffinery Technology

EU refiners association perspective: 2020 marine fuels supply study

Timothy Wilson
Principal Marine Consultant Engineer
FOBAS, Lloyds Register

The expected consequences

Geoff Moody
Vice President 
American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers

The US perspective on 2020

Tore Enger
Founder and Executive Chairman

Fuel converter, an onboard solution

Mikkel Søholm Vestergaard
Sales Manager 

Common sense about 2020

Jon Hughes
Managing Director
South African Bunkering and Trading

Bunkering in African waters

Aldo Caiazzo
HCMP Advisor, Hydrocarbon Product Quality
Shell Global Solutions

Understanding stability and compatability

Magne Andersen
Lawyer M.N.A
Nordisk Legal Services

Legal concerns through the 2020 change

Mark Cameron
Chief Operating Officer
Ardmore Shipping

How shall we deal with 2020 operationally

Roger Strevens
Vice President Global Sustainability
Wallenius Wilhelmsen

IMO 2020 is big, but IMO 2050 will be the challenge of our generation

Speakers in 2018

James J. Corbett, Conference Chairman
University of Delaware

Unni Einemo

The way to compliance & IMO's role in setting the course

Nicolai Hansteen
Broker & Corporate development S&P
Lorentzen / Stemoco

Newbuilding development and financing, solutions to meet the 2020 requirements

Iain Mowat
Senior Research Analyst
Wood Mackenzie

Bunker fuels, IMO widens the spread

Justin Longhurst
Residue Trading Manager
BP Oil International Limited

MARPOL 2020 and beyond

Anna Zhigulina
Leading Specialist of foreign vessels dept.
Lukoil MarineBunker Ltd

Always moving 2020

Mel Larson
Principal Consultant
KBC Advanced Technologies INC

Fuel products seen from a refiners view

Charlotte Røjgaard
Global Head of Marine Fuels
Bureau Veritas, VeriFuel

Fuel blends, fuel mixing and impact on quality (lab research results)

Marcus Hoffman
Global Application Manager
Alfa Laval

Fuel treatment plants for tomorrow's fuels

Marius Blom
CEO & Managing Partner
Blom Maritime 

Scrubber installation - The intelligent way to be compliant? 

Ståle Finsrud
Senior Sales Manager
Wärtsila Environmental Solutions

Scrubber installation - The intelligent way to be compliant?

Roger Strevens
Head of Sustainability
Wallenius Wilhelmsen

Solutions we chose

Georg Hahn
Sales Director Europe
Win GD

Experience from implemented solutions

Tomas Aminoff
Senior Marine Consultant
Elomatic OY

Emissions from different sources of energy - At the funnel and elsewhere


Speakers in 2017

Niels Bjørn Mortensen  
Conference Chairman

Olav Akselsen
Director General Shipping and Navigation
The Norwegian Maritime Authority

A flag State's view on regulations

Jan Helge Pile
Senior Vice President
Color Line Marine

Compliance Solutions exampled

Unni Einemo
IMO Representative, Media & Comms

How will the transition period go?

Dr. Jasper Faber
Manager Economics
CE Delft

Assessment of fuel oil availability

Lars Robert Pedersen
Deputy Secretary General

The global Sulphur cap of 0.50% in 2020

Monique Vermeire
Fuel Technologist

Global Sulphur Cap 2020, Quality matters, ISO 8217, what next?

John D. Stirling
Quality Manager
World Fuel Services

Fuel solutions, Operational Challenges

Robin Meech
Marine and Energy Consulting Ltd

So what's going to happen in 2020 and what will it cost?

Eirik Nyhus
Director of environment and regulatory affairs

How will the regulations be enforced, and where?

Juha Kytölä
Vice President Enivronmental Solutions

Sustainable fuel strategies for shipping 


Timothy Wilson
Principal specialist on marine fuels and exhaust emissions
Lloyds Register

Could we see more and stricter exhaust emissions regulations, What is happening in the EU?

Gustav Krantz
Head of Transoleum AB
Transoleum AB

Indirect effects of tighter regulations

Johan Mellqvist
Chalmers University Gothenburg

Compliance monitoring technology, remote sensing