IBC 2022


New dates May 10th to 12th 2022

New dates confirmed for IBC "2020" - 2022

Regrettably the global outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 is still affecting the world. Whilst progress is being made to vaccinate the majority of adults, we are not yet back to our normal, every day lives. However we have come to a stage where at least in our part of the world we see it as both ethically and practically possible to run IBC 2020, in May 2022.  

We still truly believe in the face-to-face concept that was born with the original IBC and carried on through the next four plus decades; and for that reason we took the decision to postpone the 41st International Bunker Conference IBC with the aim to carry this concept through at first possible and safe occasion.

We are pleased to announce, in agreement with Color Line, that we have again secured Color Fantasy for a fantastic all inclusive conference experience at sea from 10th to 12th of May 2022. 

As the world is in a different place and priorities have changed, the conference program will be realigned to meet the new reality of today. The program committee are in the process of revamping IBC 2022 and look forward to announce the new, more relevant conference program in November.

For new registrations to the conference, booking will open in November together with the updated conference program. All confirmed registrations will be rolled over without any action from the participants and you will retain your bookings at your original 2020 prices.

10 - 12 May 2022

Color Fantasy Bridgewing - Photo-Color Line - Nordsveenfoto-nojpg

The 41st. International Bunker Conference will be onboard the M/V Color Fantasy, a 5 star cruise ferry which takes us for a two days roundtrip voyage between Oslo Norway and Kiel in Germany. The price includes conference pass, cabin (accommodation), full board (all meals),  and much more. See registration for details.  (Available from November 18th)

  • Boarding will be Tuesday May 10th at 12.40 hrs  
  • Disembarkation in Oslo Thursday May 12th 10.00 hrs

IBC in short

The International Bunker Conference (IBC) has become a world renowned forum for the international bunker industry. 

The previous IBCs have focused on the industry milestones and challenges presented by MARPOL Annex VI. Challenges consequences and opportunities approaching new regulations in the bunker industry.

We have passed the doorsteps of a paradigm shift in bunker fuels as we know it. Did we manage or even succeed in preparing?.

2020 hit us in a totally different way than we expected. Was Sulphur really that important? IBC 2022 will look back at what actually was important for the industry, and how we emerge from those challenges.

Don't miss the chance to obtain an update on what’s happening in the bunker industry as well as to meet old and new friends at this great networking arena.


Bob Thornton



The International Bunker Conference are proud to announce our 2020 Guest of Honor at the 41st IBC, 

Mr. Bob Thornton.

Bob, who’s influence in shaping all sides of the bunker industry is undeniable, has been chosen as the first ever IBC Guest of Honor!

Join us to celebrate Bob and his life long contribution to the bunker industry at IBC 2022

"Bob's first presentation to IBC was in November 1984, "Aluminum, the mythical spec" with overhead foils... Bob was the first speaker of the day and afterward the remainder of the conference was held in Norwegian! That surprised Bob and a lot of European attendees and it took a couple of years before IBC was convinced that shipping was indeed international. (Thankfully this has changed) The paper Bob gave was about the need to switch from a 30 ppm Aluminum spec to both Al+Si because the Al/Si ratio of the FCC catalyst in use at refineries worldwide varied dramatically, and although old news in 2020 , his presentation would still hold up today under close scrutiny."


The International Bunker Conference (IBC)