IBC 2024 
has returned to shore 

Welcome back for the 44th International Bunker Conference

6-8 May 2025


The 44th.International Bunker Conference will be onboard the M/V Color Fantasy, a 5 star cruise ferry which takes us for a two day roundtrip between Oslo Norway and Kiel in Germany. 

This ALL INCLUSIVE conference includes delegate pass, cabin (accommodation), full board (all meals), Free WiFi and much, much more. See registration for details.  

Boarding will be Tuesday May 6th 2025 at - 12.40  

Disembarkation in Oslo Thursday May 8th 2025 - 10.00 

IBC in short

The International Bunker Conference (IBC) has gained the reputation as the best forum for discussing all the complexities of the bunker industry.

Previous IBCs have focused on the industry milestones and challenges, like fuel quality development, SOx and NOx emissions through MARPOL Annex VI and the consequences and opportunities arising from new regulations.

IBC 2023 moved on to look at the next chapter in the bunker industry,  with a successful conference offering great quality presentations and fostering positive discussion around the sustainability aspects creeping into to our everyday. 

IBC 2024 continued this journey. 

With GHG emission regulations progressing both locally and globally, and future fuel-choice discussions on everybody’s lips , it’s more and more complex to balance the green transition and the fossil fuel world. We need to try to shape, not only our short-term emissions, but also our long-term survival.  The decisions we make today, shape our tomorrow.

The 43rd IBC focused on the bio movement, plus the consequences of the most recent EU and IMO regulations.

Is your crystal ball clearing? 

Come back this fall for a new program at IBC 2025


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The International Bunker Conference (IBC)